Well that ended quickly

This post won't matter in a year or so hopefully. But my little experiment with a site called Paste This Code which was supposed to be about sharing practical production related knowledge is over. It was too hard to explain the idea to people and treating it as a separate project is too hard. There's so many constraints to work within that don't make sense. I generally take the point at which I have to wonder if the content is going to fit a particular theme as the point at which it's not clear what I want to do. This has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future with me. I'm the kind of person that overcategorizes folders and then later realises it was probably better to keep it down to a maximum of 2 layers.

But I digress.

I still want to keep writing about the projects I'm working on and still have a portal which shares knowledge that answers the questions of "why?" in software development. And so I'm migrating everything to "eng.adnanissadeen.com".

No formal starting notes here. Just a blog note to myself about this event :).

Well that ended quickly
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